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Features for Sellers

  • check_circle Extended ( Pop Corn Bidding)
  • check_circle Staggered Bidding
  • check_circle AI Driven Auction Price Results, Auction Records & Trends, Bidder Management, Time Auction, Cataloging and Shipping
  • check_circle Sell your Items via AuctionIO with Inventory synced to your own Site in real time
  • check_circle Auctions Details are synced in real time.
  • check_circle The payments go via
  • check_circle Easy to Manage all inventory at one place but sell via multiple platforms.
  • check_circle Choose Start and End dates and times.
  • check_circle Set a reserve price and handling or shipping fee.
  • check_circle Set a buy now price.
  • check_circle Create and customise the store or marketplace of own choice.
  • check_circle Manage Bulk upload and photo uploader.
  • check_circle Discounts Management.
  • check_circle Reports Management.

Feature of Event Management

  • check_circle Create and Manage Events
  • check_circle Customize the theme for the Event.
  • check_circle Design and use custom seating arrangement.
  • check_circle Ticketing Management.
  • check_circle Leaders and Donor Management.
  • check_circle Ticketing Management.
  • check_circle Leaders and Donor Management.
  • check_circle Event Analytics.
  • check_circle Bidders Report.

Feature of Buyer

  • check_circle Proxy Bidding
  • check_circle Extended Bidding
  • check_circle Add to cart
  • check_circle Watchlist
  • check_circle Messaging
  • check_circle Compact Dashboard
  • check_circle Alerts on Outbid , Bid placed, Item Won etc
  • check_circle Saved search
  • check_circle Pay for auctions won using (payment
  • check_circle Detailed history and keep track of payment status
  • check_circle Seller rating (Feedback)

General Features

  • check_circle Live & Absentee Bidding
  • check_circle Machine Learning
  • check_circle Fraud Protection
  • check_circle Calendar View
  • check_circle Easy to use Content Management System (no technical skills required), configurable Logo, Header and Footer
  • check_circle Static Pages Management like About Us, Privacy Policy etc.
  • check_circle Configurable email templates
  • check_circle Single & multiple sellers mode
  • check_circle Category and subcategory management
  • check_circle Configurable minimum bid increments
  • check_circle User Management
  • check_circle Product Management
  • check_circle Event Management
  • check_circle Transaction and Invoice Management
  • check_circle Users and administratorsā€˜ management
  • check_circle Maintenance mode
  • check_circle Remote Seller
  • check_circle FulFillment via your marketplace or via Amazon FBA [Partnered]
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