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Auction Types supported by

Proxy bid

In Proxy bid, the bidders will have the option to set a maximum price they are willing to pay for a product. They can then allow our technology( to bid for them by the bid increment, until someone places a higher bid than their maximum price.

The bid increment is the amount that a proxy bid must increase by and it is preset by the auction. will place a new bid, following the bid increment every time someone else places a higher bid than you and will continue to do that until the auction is over and you win, or the price goes over your set maximum. The bidders will be notified(via email and sms) if their maximum price setting has been outbid and have an option to set a new maximum to continue participating in the auction. The maximum bid is never disclosed to the seller or other bidders.

Proxy bidding allows bidders to win an auction at the lowest price possible.

If also maximizes the benefit for the winning bidder because they would have been willing to pay more for the item but they didn’t have to!

How does Proxy Bidding help the Bidder?
After bidder sets maximum, they don't have to be present live for the auction! They can carry on with their other tasks and let their computer take care of the bidding and still win! Additionally, No stress! They can bid on multiple items, without worrying to track each item!

How does Proxy Bidding help the Seller?
Proxy bidding makes the auction process smooth and easy for the bidders. If your auction is easy for the bidders to participate in, more people will be attracted to it! As bidders don't have to commit to being present, More people will be able to 'attend'. More people would mean the higher final price!

Staggered bid

In a staggered auction, all items are open for bidding, but each item (or lot) closes sequentially until all items are closed. It simply means that each auction section at the event will close at a different time.

How Does Staggered bidding help the seller?
Staggered Bidding frees bidders to focus their attention on winning one or two items at a time.

Staggered closing times will give your bidders enough time to place their final bids when a section closes, then shift their attention to the next round of items that is about to close. More bidders competing for fewer items at once will drive bids higher, and your organization will make more money!

The staggering can be at the Item level or at the Lot level. When a staggered auction is in a Pending status, all items are visible but no bidding can take place. Once the auction changes to an Open status, the first item is highlighted. This item is the focus of the next bids. All other items can receive bids, but the current item is highlighted. The Time Remaining refers to the item that is visible or currently being bid upon. Bidding continues until all items (or lots) have closed.

Hard bid

In Hard bid, its the exact amount you’ll pay for the product. A hard bid is visible to auction participants.

When a hard bid is placed, the computer will automatically raise the current bid to match the hard bid. Remember that the hard bid must be higher than the current bid.

Whenever hard bids are used, the auction needs to be monitored, and the bidding process must be observed to increase the bids as required

The good news is, supports all these bids!

To learn more about which one is beneficial for you, contact AuctionSoftware for a personalized experience today!!

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With you can customize the display of your auction items, have notifications sent out as needed, track real-time performance of your event, and provide your bidders an intuitive checkout. You will have greater control of your event data while getting all management details in one place. The event can be white labelled in main site and managed in your own secure and custom microsite.

We guarantee your bidders and your expense sheet's happiness, with our top quality services, when you host your next event with us!

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