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Rajesh CEO
Rajesh Rajaram // CEO
Jeff Chan - COO
Jeff Chan // COO
Sreevalli - Director Outsource
Sreevalli // Director of Remote Operations
Jhon Rojas - Sales  Manager
Jhon Rojas // Sales Manager

Engagement team

Brandon - UX / UI Manager - Outsource
Brandon UX/UI Manager
Tommy - UX / UI Designer - Outsource
Tommy UX/UI Designer
Jeff Chan - Adviser - Outsource
Jeff Chen, Adviser

About Us was founded in 2021 on the belief that the future of Auction is local and local pickup. Our mission is to help independent entrepreneurs, Auctioneer and Seller to sell via if you own an item(s) you would like to consign, we can help make that key connection to our more than 200+ auctioneers.

An online Auction wholesale marketplace empowering small business owners and independent brands to buy and sell online. For our brands and Auctioneer, our platform provides powerful sales, marketing, and analytics tools, so sellers can simplify their wholesale business and focus on what they love: making great products and selling via Buy Now or Auction.

We’ve already connected more than 1 million bidders and are inspired every day by the creativity, resilience, and spirit of those fueling the Shop Local movement. We’re in Dallas, Texas. Auction works great on local where you can purchase local and Pickup local.


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Forward Auction
Reverse Auction
Penny Auction
Silent Auction

CaseCamp is the leading free web-based online project management and collaboration software tool.

Casecamp allows you to easily and effectively manage different phases of the project, check the hours worked, and organize to-do lists and many more!

Our SaaS

One stop shop to sell/expose your business to millions of bidders worldwide. An average auctioneer can expect a minimum 15% increased sale. You can sell a product in any industry from collectibles to cars; livestock to homes! You can have your own shop to sell via or use our marketplace! With live Bidding This is Real Time Bidding , the users are provided with an option to enter their max amount for the item / Lot in the Active Auctions. If the user A max bid is outbid by user B they get out bid notifications and User A can increase the Max bid again. Until the outbid happens the Application will place proxy bids for the user whenever counter bid is placed. In addition you can create an Auction Store or Website or Event and white label them. Sell in your Store or Marketplace.

Our History
  • 2011
    Developscripts LLC
    Formed the Company
  • 2014
    Deployed with 200 + customer
  • 2016
    Leading Project Management Software (Mostly Internal)
  • 2018
    Won GM | IngramMicro | Somos | Slibuy | Itochu
    Built Stable, Reliable and Scalable Product
  • 2019
    Medium (Control Hub)
    One Software for Auction Website
  • 2020
    White Labeled payment Gateway
  • 2021
    Our SaaS to sell Auction products
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Auction Software


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